Mother Tongue 22 Articles

Issue XXII 2020

In Memory of Heinz-Jürgen Pinnow (1925-2016)

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vii Eulogies from 2018-2019

Discussion: Na-Dene and Beyond

1 Heinz-Jürgen Pinnow, Na-Dene and beyond by Jan Henrik Holst. 

11 Comments on ‘Na-Dene and Beyond’; Sino-Dene (updated); the position of Haida by John D. Bengtson

43 Heinz-Jürgen Pinnow, Na-Dene and beyond by Uwe R. Krämer

61 Significance testing of Na-Dene by Carsten Peust

85 An Outsider’s View on Historical Linguistics by Hartmann Römer

93 Response to discussants of the anchor paper by Jan Henrik Holst

111 Na-Dene Numerals by Václav Blažek

133 Some Notes about Dene-Caucasian by John D. Bengtson


151 Resonant Variation in Proto-Indo-European by Gregory Haynes

223 The Proto-Sapiens prohibitive/negative particle *ma by Pierre J. Bancel, Alain Matthey de l’Etang & John D. Bengtson

Book reviews & notices

242 Book review | Bengtson on Basque: a radical simplification of the linguistic map of prehistoric Europe by Nicholas Davidson

246 Book notice |  Altaic Languages: History of research, survey, classification and a sketch of comparative grammar, by V. Blažek (with M. Schwarz and O. Srba). Brno: Masaryk University Press. 2019


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